About ID Pulse

Effortless, secure contactless access designed for efficiency and assisting living

Enabling touchless friction-less access control for ultra convenience and germ prevention.

No more fumbling for keys or entering key codes

All it takes is a wave to unlock your door. You can also use your phone, or a regular key. Id Pulse is not limited to doors but to switches, machinery, elevators, medical equipment. Combining security and maximum ease of use with the possibility of user-friendly administration of the access rights.


ID Pulse technology is based on seamless identification and access control interaction through contact-less gesture. A predefined signal with a unique ID is generated by an access control reader which is transmitted through a conductive element.

When the user is in close proximity to the reader, this aforementioned predefined signal is transmitted and is picked up by the transceiver (i.e. a key tag, key fob or similar) which is placed near the users body (i.e. pocket, pendant, belt, etc. or depending on calibration, even inside a backpack or handbag carried by the user in question). Once it is recognized, this signal will wake up a secondary encrypted and secured radio which will then perform the necessary communications steps for the actuation event to occur.

This invention aims to simplify this interaction by removing the need for the button to be held and pressed. It is not necessarily a matter of increased security, but a more convenient approach towards certain applications such as assisted living by making it much easier for the user to unlock a door. ID Pulse can operate many thing not just a lock but access readers, vehicles & machinery, medical devices, electronic devices and other universal access control systems.

In the access control sector, and more in particular on the smart locks, it has been identified a need for a secure solution that would improve and simplify the way end users interact with the device (i.e. door locks, car lock). These devices, that are commercially available, rely on proximity in order to emulate the sequence of interaction intended (i.e. contact-less gesture control, presents credential or is just in proximity to the target).

Some other devices found in the literature, that are not commercially available, would only work if the technology is implemented on either a wearable or an implant, but not if the device is in close proximity to the human body, as any airgaps between the device and the body would have a huge impact on the performance of the device when based on capacitive or inductive coupling physical principles. These are the approaches used in the BCC (Body Channel Communication) and IBC (Intra-body Communication) devices found.

The suggested technology aims to simplify the process by, instead of using BCC or IBC approaches, using a VLF transceiver approach instead. This approach would allow for the ease of integration in current commercially available devices with minor changes in the production line, which may lead to faster adoption by industry.

ID Pulse is envisaged to be integrated to a wide-range of systems with unique user security authentication. This technology at this stage of development is positioned to be adapted by OEMs and there are licensing opportunities available.

Where our journey began

David O'Toole, inventor and founder of Bella Locks, is a locksmith from Dublin, Ireland. Several years ago his mother suffered a stroke and was left with motor difficulties that made it very challenging for her to do manual tasks, such as using her keys to open her apartment door.

After seeing his mother's challenges, David took it upon himself to do everything he could to help improve her quality of life - and by extension the millions of people around the world who, like her, struggled with opening locks and doors to their home and office. He wanted to develop a technology to aid anyone who may struggle with fine motor skills such as people with Parkinsons, spinal injuries, visual impairment, amputees, arthritis, or any other condition that may affect their ability to use a lock and key with ease.

Bella Locks were originally developed as a touch-to-open lock requiring hand contact to unlock however, as the world was faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, David pivoted to an even brighter idea. The Bella Locks technology was redesigned to patent a unique, contactless door entry solution called ID Pulse Tech. In partnership with DESi, experts in the electronic security and smart lock industry, the Bella Smart Lock was born.

Bella Smart Locks make unlocking your door a breeze. A user with a tag in their pocket, purse or around the body, simply presents their hand or face to a wireless pad fitted beside the door. This close-proximity technology transmits a signal from the tag to receptors inside the lock and the lock will unlock automatically, hands-free, without fumbling for keys or codes.

ID Pulse Tech featured in Bella Smart Locks not only can operate your smart lock, but by integration with a 12V relay switch, can securely operate many other electronic devices such as an access control reader, door operator, security alarm system, elevator, or any other electronic device or equipment programmed into the system, hands-free with a tag in the pocket or by using a smartphone app.

The combination of the Bella Smart Lock and integrated 12V Relay Switch together can provide a safe, secure, convenient, and totally hands-free experience throughout your home or commercial space.

Have an Idea for a specification?

Tell us about it we would love to know more. Get in touch to know more about developing with ID Pulse™.

Secure contact-less entry with the convenience a wave

Key features

The small changes we make can make a big difference to our daily lives especially for those who use a wheelchair or family members with a disability.

Proximity contactless reader

Touchless door access with unique ID tags, rechargeable battery & automatic locking

Easy to integrate technology

Can work with doors electronic devices, machinery, medical equipment

Works with a tag, keypad and phone

Provides several door unlocking options. Can work with the tag and phone

Smart home connection

Works with google smart home and alexa voice control
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